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Get Involved

Our work makes a difference in the lives of real people—help us by participating or volunteering!

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Support the work we do by getting involved! When joining studies as a participant or acting in a support role as a volunteer, you can gain valuable research experience. No matter your academic path or career aspirations, you’ll be able to benefit from your time spent supporting our lab. The work we do at CONTINUUM Lab is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with chronic conditions, and whether you’re a participant with a disability or a student research volunteer, you’ll find spending your time with us to be a rewarding experience. Find out more about how you can help us by submitting your contact information in the form below!

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Click “Join the Study” to be a participant in our ongoing study, “CHIME Time” or to learn more about the CHIME Time program. Click “Volunteer” to work as a volunteer helping to conduct the study.

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