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What is the purpose of CONTINUUM Lab’s work?

The purpose of our lab is to meaningfully support individuals experiencing disability or a chronic health condition through scientific research. We provide expert, professional programming to guide individuals experiencing disability or a chronic health condition in navigating the settings of rehabilitation, home exercise, and sport. You can learn more about our work by visiting our research page.

How can I support the work of CONTINUUM Lab?

You can learn more about supporting our work by visiting the get involved page of our website! We’re always looking for participants in ongoing projects and support volunteers to help run our studies.

What does participating in your current study look like?

Our current study is called CHIME Time. Its purpose is to test a telehealth protocol aimed at improving cardiometabolic health among wheelchair users (WCU) while removing common barriers to their participation in community/clinical exercise training studies.

Participants in this study will complete choreographed exercise routines set to music. These routines will be designed and made accessible for a broad range of body types and abilities. As part of their data submission, participants will also contribute samples of bloodwork.

The CONTINUUM Lab team will provide guidance and resources to support participation throughout the course of the program. These exercise doses and resources are intended to act as a foundation for participants to achieve sustainable wellness routines that help them accomplish their health goals.

We’re actively looking for participants in our study, and you can also volunteer to help run the study! Find more information about working as a volunteer or joining the study as a participant by visiting our get involved page.

Where can I find more information about your work?

The best way to learn more about our work and to stay informed is to sign up for our newsletter, but you can also explore past and ongoing programs on our projects page.

Does your lab offer support for wheelchair users and other persons with disabilities?

Yes! We’re proud to provide curated content and the findings of our research for the personal use of any interested parties. Check out our resources page or sign up for our newsletter to gain access to our free multimedia library.

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